Sony Xperia E4 E2115

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How to enter Sony Xperia E4 E2115 Fastboot mode, Hard reset (Wipe) and Pattern Lock Recovery.

Recovery Mode Sony Xperia E4 E2115

  1. Turn power off the Sony Xperia
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up key and Power key
  3. Release all keys when a menu appears
  4. use Volume keys to select options
  5. use Power key to confirm.
  6. Select Factory reset option using Volume keys ( Hard reset )
  7. Press Power key to confirm.

If your Sony Xperia can not enter the Recovery Mode It may be your Boot Loader is locked.  You can How to Unlock Sony Xperia Boot Loader

Fastboot mode

  1. Turn off power off by pressing Power key
  2. Press and hold Volume Down key
  3. Connect the Xperia to USB Cable
  4. Done!

Hard reset Sony Xperia E4 E2115 Settings menu

  1. Open Settings menu from home screen or Apps
  2. Select Backup & reset option
  3. Tap to select Factory Data Reset
  4. tap Reset Phone.
  5. tap Erase Everything
  6. tap OK to confirm.

Alternative to hard reset Sony Xperia using Flashtool and using Sony PC Companion

Make to backup your important data! Performed a hard reset will erase all data and restore it to factory default setting. The data can not be recovered after perform a hard reset.

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5 comments on “Sony Xperia E4 E2115

  1. rosiel says:

    nao deu certo so fica vibrando

  2. muni says:

    i have forgoten my sony mobile e2115 patern paswoprd i tried a lot the menu is not opening

    • Kireina says:

      The only way to remove or erase the pattern password is perform a hard reset. It will erase all data on the device.

      • saleem says:

        Wow what an answer you have given, how to perform a hard reset when password is given????

        • Kireina says:

          Sony Xperia is complicated to hard reset from external key. I have tried, first unlock bootloader, then install TWRP, then flash the rom. I recommend you use sony xperia companion tools to reset it.

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