Samsung Galaxy Note Edge N915A Easy Recovery

DIY: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge N915A easy recovery. It will restore your device to factory default settings ( master reset or hard reset ). As long as you can access your device normally you can certainly do it yourself. It will perform a recovery from Settings menu. High recommended to backup important data before perform a reset your device. After perform a factory reset, the data can not be recovered. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge N915A

How to enter Samsung Galaxy Note Edge N915A Recovery Mode, Download mode and Hard reset.

Recovery Mode

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Press and hold Volume UP key + Home Key
  3. While pressing these keys, then Press and hold Power key
  4. Release all key when Samsung logo appear then you will see Android System Recovery
  5. Use Volume key to select Menu
  6. Use Power key to Confirm or Execute Menu

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