How to Install Google Play Store on MIUI China ROM

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How to Install Google Play Store on MIUI Chinese ROM.  Differences China ROM and Global ROM, Chinese ROM is developed for China that are full of Chinese apps and language. It has no Google Play Store nor Google Framework. China ROM has also more updated features than the Global ROM. Lastly, it supports all the network bands in China.  Global ROM comes with Google Play Store while the Chinese ROM has its own different app store that offers as much as variety of apps the Google Play Store offers.

How to install Google Play Store on China ROM

  1. Download Google Play Store apk
  2. Open Settings
  3. Apps
  4. Manage apps
  5. in the search box type “google play services”
  6. open Google Play services
  7. tap Enable in the bottom
  8. Turn on Basic Google services
  9. open Files or File Manager
  10. Install com_android_vending_32_8_20_21_0_PR_481935043_83282010_minAPI21arm64.apk
  11. Done!

Open Google Play Store then Sign-in, Now you can install google apps like gmail, google maps etc.

China ROM

  • Particularly developed for china
  • Full of Chinese apps, almost all the apps are in chinese language
  • No play store, No google framework
  • Always more updated in features than global roms
  • Support all the network bands in China

Global ROM

  • Developed for global use
  • Multiple Languages
  • No Chinese apps
  • Full Google apps support
  • Supports network bands for other countries

Download Google Play Store apk for China ROM

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How to Install Google Play Store on MIUI China ROM

Notes / Warning!

  1. Use at your own risk, I’m not responsible for bricking your device.
  2. Using the incorrect file may brick your device.
  3. Make sure to backup your important data before root it.

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