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How to enter Oppo Neo 5 Recovery Mode, Hard reset / Wipe, Fastboot Mode and Remove forgotten unlock pattern.

Recovery Mode Oppo Neo 5

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Press and hold Volume Down key + Power Key
  3. Release all key when you see Android System Recovery
  4. Use Volume keys to select and Power key to confirm

Fastboot Mode

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Press and hold Volume Down key + Volume Up key + Power Key
  3. Now you are in Fastboot mode

Hard reset Oppo Neo 5 using external hardware keys

  1. In Recovery Mode select wipe data / factory reset
  2. press Power key to confirm
  3. select Yes — delete all user data, press Power key to confirm
  4. select Reboot system now to finish hard reset

Warning! If you perform a hard reset, make sure to back up important data. The data can not be recovered after perform a hard reset.  It will restore the device to factory default settings and erase all data.

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31 comments on “Oppo Neo 5

  1. juliet says:

    i got a problem with my oppo neo 5 because i update system then the problm it will turn to recovery mode, i follow all steps but it never happen to go back to the main menu. please help me.

    • redy says:

      If you follow the instruction and performed a factory reset, It should be fixed your problem. Hard reset is a way to fix update problem. after perform a hard reset or you choose Reboot system now, It needs more time to restart the device.

      • juliet says:

        gud eve mr. redy and thanks for the reply. I did to reboot but still on recovery mode again. first i turn off my device then long press the power and volume key till the oppo logo appearing then language appearing, i choose english then select wipe data and cache then click yes for successfully then i reboot my device. but still the same,,nothing happen. what can i do?

        • redy says:

          I think you should flashing your firmware to original, maybe your current firmware corrupted. This link maybe help you to solved your problem check this out at http://community.oppo.com/my/thread-745-1-1.html there is you will find oppo neo 5 original firmware and complete with how to flash it. I hope It can help you 🙂

        • juliet says:

          gud morning.. i forget to ask..if i do downloading,, it need my phone to turn off or turn on? i am confuse last night.

          • redy says:

            Sorry for late just wake up. Okay, you need your phone turn off. Follow this..
            Hold volume DOWN button and power button, after vibrates, release power button, remain volume down button)
            Select your desired language (English, Chinese) P/S: certain model supports touch screen,especially those high end models. If it doesn’t, use volume up and down button to navigate and press power button to select.
            Select “WIPE DATA AND CACHE”, next “WIPE DATA AND CACHE” (This will result in resetting your phone, be sure you backup before)
            After finish, select “INSTALL FROM SD” (If its in your phone storage, select phone storage ; if its in your memory card/external sd card/microSD card, select from SD
            Confirm and wait till it finishes rebooting.
            If It is not solved your problem, you need bring it to oppo service center, maybe something wrong with your hardware 🙁

  2. Joemarie says:

    sir my problem about this phone is when i download the latest system update thought it was finished i try to press the power button but it was stack on first screen i try the recovery mode and wipe data and cache but still nothing happens it is still blank fastboot mode doesnt work either, what should i do? help me thanks

    • redy says:

      I think something wrong with your system update. I suggest you to reflashing your oppo with the original firmware. Maybe one of the update files are not suitable with your Oppo.

  3. khaye says:

    hi i have an oppo n5 and im stuck at a blank page with a fastboot on the center and its been awhile im still seeing the same thing i dnt knw what to do 🙁 pls help me

    • redy says:

      If possible, try to hard reset… other way flashing it with original firmware.

      • azim says:

        i had problem on my oppo neo 5 . it stuck on fastbot logo

        • redy says:

          Hold down the power button for 20 seconds and then turn it back on. If it does not work try to Disconnect it from USB and do it again with up to 1 minute holding, normaly it would shutdown/reboot after 20-30 seconds.

          • Richelle says:

            Hi Guys. Please help me for my problem. When I turn on my OPPO NEO5, the logo appers but it will never undergo up to the menu. It will stop in the logo, and turn off on their own and back to the logo in the opening update. What will I do, so that I can open my phone up to the menu … ?

  4. anis says:

    hi.. why i can’t reflashing my phone..

    • Kireina says:

      Maybe the firmware is not match with your device type.

      • Jessica says:

        Hi Guys. Please help me for my problem. When I turn on my OPPO NEO5, the logo appers but it will never undergo up to the menu. It will stop in the logo, and turn off on their own and back to the logo in the opening update. What will I do, so that I can open my phone up to the menu … ?

  5. sabrina says:

    Hello. I got a problem with my oppo neo 5. After a long time i didn’t used the air unlock means, before this i’m using password unlock so it’s not using the air unlock function. So, last night i’m trying to reset back my phone and and not using password unlock just slide unlock. But, when i want to overpass my finger to the sensor for the air unlock it was not function. Why? Let me know it. Pleaseeeee

  6. vamsi says:

    hay frien sorry.my oppo 1201 struck in recovery mode.it didnt opening recovery mode.only showing recovery mode.i tred pc to fix it.it didnt showing in pc even.i need ur help

  7. Jodaku says:

    Hello i need your help guys my Oppo Neo 5 is Stuck in Recovery Updating even if i rebooting it it is still in Recovery Updating pls help me

  8. muhammed noufal says:

    can i update my oppo neo 5 mobile to android 7 official or CyanogenMod ???

  9. muhammed noufal says:

    how to install cyanogenmod in oppo neo 5?

  10. pijay arendain says:

    i incounter same problem with juliet.

  11. Julie mendoza says:

    Hi, the problem on my phone is that I update the setting but it failed and move to the recovery mode now I follow the instruction above but no change. Please help me. What can I do

  12. navi says:

    hello i kept my oppo neo 5 on update and now its not switching on..still on recovery mode..plllzzz help me its urgent

  13. Rown says:

    Hi, I have a problem with my OPPO Neo 5. I try to update the ColorOS but it keeps on telling that there is a problem in installing and that my phone is rooted. How to fix this?

  14. Sourav Badhan says:

    My oppo neo 5 not showing anything at all.
    Nothing not even vibration!
    Can someone help me.


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