Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H

March 27, 2015 | By Kireina | Filed in: Android.

How to enter Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H Recovery Mode, Download mode and Hard reset / Pattern Unlock.

Recovery Mode Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Press and hold Volume UP key + Home Key
  3. then Press and hold Power key
  4. Release all key when you see Android System Recovery
  5. Use Volume keys to select Menu
  6. Use Power key to Confirm or Execute Menu

Download Mode or ODIN Mode

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Press and hold Volume Down key + Home key
  3. then Press and hold Power key
  4. Release all key when you see ODIN Mode
  5. Use Volume Up key to continue
  6. Use Volume Down key to cancel ( Restart the device )

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

  1. In Recovery Mode select wipe data / factory reset
  2. press Power key to confirm
  3. select Yes — delete all user data, press power key to confirm
  4. select Reboot system now to finish hard reset

Warning!  If you perform a hard reset, make sure to back up important data.

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18 comments on “Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H

  1. Kevin says:

    I’ve done a hard reset and I’m still having the problem what now

  2. Khubaib says:

    My Galaxy Grand Prime is unrooted now. But when I reboot it, it reboots automatically in recovery mode. Why?

    • Kireina says:

      Don’t worry about that, when you unrooted it, it doesnot change the CWM Recovery. MY grand like that too. When I reboot it, it does not enter direct to android system but CWM recovery first.

  3. Brian says:

    My galaxies says invalid SIM, have tried 3 SIM from same network still invalid

  4. brijbhushan says:

    hi my divice write emergency call

  5. JoeFasho says:

    I am so stuck! I’m fairly tech savvy, but I’m stuck. I have a Samsung grand prime sm-g530t1. I rooted with king root, and when I rebooted I got the dm-verity verification failed. I tried factory data reset several times and im still in the same situatio . I don’t have a computer available, what can I do? Thanks in advance.

  6. Callen says:

    My grand prime wont go past the wi-fi screen after i factory reset it it keep saying unauthorized factory reset anybody know what to do next?????

  7. Arslan says:

    I reset my Galaxy grand prime time but i forget my email account and He needs old account plzzz help me

  8. Patrick says:

    Please how can i know of my bootloader is lock

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