How to flashing Xiaomi ROM – Fix Error Couldn’t find flash script

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How to flashing Xiaomi ROM and Fix Error Couldn’t find flash script using Mi Flash Tools.  This post use Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro as sample.  A Windows PC/laptop will be needed for flashing the xiaomi rom. Make sure that your device is fully charged or has enough power for this process. This guide will help you update your device to the latest MIUI ROM version. Flashing rom will erase all data on your device.  So, make sure to backup all the important data.  The data can not be recovered.  You can not flashing ROM using Mi Flash tools if the bootloader are locked, make sure the bootloader are unlocked before flashing it. Take it at your own risk!

Follow these steps below correctly for flashing rom using Mi Flash Tools


STEP 2 – Download ROM ( Redmi Note 8 Pro ) and Fix Error Couldn’t find flash script

  • Download ROM ( Redmi Note 8 Pro ROM ) that suitable with the xiaomi phone.  There are 2 type of ROM; Recovery ROM ( read local update without unlock bootloader ) and Fastboot ROM.  You must download Fastboot ROM, if you download Recovery ROM and try to flash it, you will get error message “Couldn’t find flash script”, this error message appear because MI Flash tools can not find flash script in the Recovery rom that needed for flashing it.
  • Make sure to download Fastboot ROM with .tgz extension, if you see file extension is .zip, it means that is Recovery ROM.
  • Extract the download ROM.  Extract tgz file you will get tar file then extract the tar file.

STEP 3 – Enter Fastboot mode

  • Turn power off the phone
  • Press and hold Volume down + power key, release all keys when fastboot image appears
  • Connect the phone to PC


  • Open Mi Flash tools folder
  • Run XiaoMiFlash.exe / MiFlash.exe it depends on the Mi Flash tools version
  • Click select and point to extracted tar file
  • Click Refresh to detect Device ID
  • Thick Clean All option in the Bottom bar
  • Click Flash to confirm flashing
  • When finish, you will see status is ‘flash done‘ and result is ‘success

If the flashing guide could not help you, please download Mi PC Suite here

(After Mi PC Suite is installed, make sure that your phone is in fastboot mode, connect your phone to a computer, and select the correct ROM file to flash)


This post use Redmi Note 8 Pro as sample, procedure flashing rom is same for other xiaomi models.  Download the rom that match with your Xiaomi phone.  Make sure to download Fastboot ROM not Recovery ROM.  Recovery ROM is for local update rom without unlock bootloader, for more information about local update rom you can read Local Update Redmi Note 8 Pro ROM without Unlock Bootloader.





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