Sony Xperia Z3 SGP612 Tablet Compact

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How to Hard reset: Restore Sony Xperia Z3 SGP612 Tablet Compact Tablet Compact to Factory reset using Sony Xperia Flash Tool. Not all models of sony xperia that we can access recovery mode menu. So we can not do a hard reset via the recovery mode. For some models sony xperia can hard reset using the flash tools are provided and can be downloaded from the official website of Sony Xperia.

Download and How to install Sony Xperia Flash Tool:

  1. Download the Flash tool for Xperia devices
  2. Unzip the file on the computer
  3. Run Emma.exe. During the installation, make sure you remember the installation path:
    1. Default path in Windows 64 bit is: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony Mobile\Emma\”
    2. Default path in Windows 32 bit is: “C:\Program Files\Sony Mobile\Emma\”
  4. Copy the Customization.ini file. You find it in the
  5. Paste the Customization.ini file into the installation folder. The installation folder is the folder named Emma in the installation path examples on point 3.1 and 3.2 above.
  6. Click Start > All programs > Sony Mobile > Emma (if you used the default installation path from step 3 above) to start the flash tool

How to hard reset Sony Xperia Z3 SGP612 Tablet Compact Tablet Compact with Flash tool:

  1. Make sure USB Data Cable have installed on your PC
  2. Open EMMA (flash tool) from PC start menu
  3. Connect USB Data Cable to Computer
  4. Turn power of the Sony Xperia
  5. Press and hold Volume Down key, while holding the key connect the Sony device to USB Cable
  6. The flash tool will auto detect the device model ( Sony Xperia Z3 SGP612 Tablet Compact )
  7. Klik Apply Service to flash the device
  8. When the device flashed, disconnect the device from the computer.
  9. Hard reset done!

Watch this Video: How to Use The Sony Xperia Flash Tool

Flash tool for unlocked Xperia devices - how to use it

Make sure to backup your important data.  It will restore your device to factory default settings ( Factory reset ) all data will be lost.  The data can not be recovered after perform a hard reset.

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