Samsung Galaxy A50 A505F: Bypass SafetyNet Check and Fix ctsProfile:false to true

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How to bypass SafetyNet Check on Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505F and fixed ctsProfile:false to ctsProfile:true. Some apps will not work if SafetyNet Check did not pass. This post will show you how to pass it.  It worked for latest Galaxy A50 SM-A505F BTH5 firmware ( SPL 1 August 2020 ) / BTH9 firmware ( SPL 1 September 2020 ).  We need MagiskHide Props Config v5.3.2 module ( Recommended )

About MagiskHide Props Config v5.3.2

MagiskHide Props Config v5.3.2 is a magisk module by Didgeridoohan @ XDA Developers. This module should be installed in Magisk Manager. It’s supports many brands and Models number, you can see it on these image below

Download: Magisk Props Config v5.3.2

Instructions:  How to Bypass SafetyNet Check and ctsProfile:true

STEP 1: Hide Magisk Manager

  • Open Magisk Manager
  • Go to Magisk Manager menu – Hide Magisk Manager – OK ( Magisk manager will disappear and it should be new magisk with name “Manager”
  • Open Manager – OK : It will do setup for new manager, after finish close manager

STEP 2: Install MagiskHide Props Config v5.3.2

  • Open Manager
  • Go to Magisk Manager menu
  • tap Modules, tap “+” to add new module select MagiskHide_Props zip
  • tap Reboot

STEP 3: Download and Install Terminal Emulator app

STEP 4: Configure MagiskHide Props 1

  • Open Terminal Emulator
  • type su in emulator Grant superuser
  • type props
  • select 1
  • select f
  • select 26 ( 26 is Samsung brand )
  • select number ( Look for A50 SM-A505F )
  • select y ( yes )
  • select n  ( Do you want to reboot now [y/n] )
  • select e ( exit )
  • reboot from Magisk ( open Manager, go to Manager menu, select Modules then tap menu in the top right corner, select Reboot )

Note: If “Phone is updating..” screen appears: Press and hold Volume Down + Power Key, when the screen blank quickly press and hold Volume Up + Power key, when Samsung Logo appears release Power key only, keep pressing Volume Up key until TWRP Recovery Mode Appears. Select Reboot – Recovery

STEP 4: Configure MagiskHide Props 2

  • Open Terminal Emulator
  • type su
  • type props
  • select device simulation no 3
  • select s
  • select y
  • type 1,2,3,9,10
  • select 1
  • select n ( no reboot )
  • select e ( exit )
  • reboot from Magisk ( open Manager, go to Manager menu, select Modules then tap menu in the top right corner, select Reboot )

STEP 5: Configure Magisk Manager

  • open Manager (Magisk)
  • run SafetyNet Check Success, first time ( ctsProfile: false )
  • Open Magisk menu
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down for Magisk Hide option and enable it
  • Back to magisk home screen
  • Run SafetyNet Check Success again
  • Done! ctsProfile:true

Notes / Warning!

  1. Use at your own risk, I’m not responsible for bricking your device.
  2. Using the incorrect file may brick your device.
  3. If your target device has a custom firmware flash counter, Rooting will trigger it. If you’re lucky, Triangle Away has support for your device and can be used to reset the counter.
  4. If you have a KNOX-enabled device, Rooting will trip the KNOX WARRANTY VOID status !
  5. If your device storage is encrypted, Rooting will wipe your data !
  6. If you have locked bootloaders, flashing one of these will probably brick your device – with the exception of Nexus devices, which will usually automatically “OEM unlock” and wipe your data !
  7. Make sure to backup your important data before root it.

Watch This video:

How to Bypass SafetyNet and Fix ctsProfile:false on Samsung Galaxy A50 A505F BTH5 Firmware



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