How to Bypass SafetyNet on Galaxy M30s

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How to Bypass SafetyNet on Samsung Galaxy M30s to run Netflix, Games and Other apps that does not allowed run on rooted Android devices. I don’t recommend to run Banking Apps on Rooted devices, for banking apps I suggest you to use non rooted android device to keep your privacy and important data. This is a tutorial or a tricks to bypass safetynet. It will not make safetynet status to be “true”, it will stay “false”. But you can run some apps that does not allow to run on rooted android device.

What is SafetyNet?

The SafetyNet Attestation API is an anti-abuse API that allows app developers to assess the Android device their app is running on. The API should be used as a part of your abuse detection system to help determine whether your servers are interacting with your genuine app running on a genuine Android device ( )

How to Bypass SafetyNet on Galaxy M30s


  • Open Magisk Manager
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Hide Magisk Manager
  • Tap OK
  • Magisk Manager Apps changed to Manager Apps


  • Open Manager App and Tap OK ..
  • Open Download
  • Install Riru-Core module
  • Reboot


  • Open Manager App and Tap OK ..
  • Open Download
  • Install Riru – EdXposed ( Yahfa )
  • Reboot

STEP 4: Enter TWRP Recovery

  • Turn Power Off.
  • Press and hold Volume Up key + Power Key,
  • When Samsung Logo appears release Power Key only,
  • keep pressing Volume Up key until TWRP Recovery appears


  • Go to Advanced -> File Manager
  • Go to folder “data/adb/modules”
  • delete the folders of 2 modules: riru-core and riru_edxposed
  • Reboot to Recovery


  • Open Manager App ( Magisk Manager )
  • Go to Magisk Hide
  • Select App that you want Magisk is hidden of its
  • Done!

It may be not work for some apps. for next security update it may be not work anymore. Tested on Samsung Galaxy A50 and Galaxy M30s with latest firmware update. Using TWRP and TWRP You can run netflix, games and banking apps.

Watch this video How to Bypass SafetyNet

How to Bypass SafetyNet on Galaxy A50
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