Samsung Galaxy S6 G920R Easy Recovery

DIY: Samsung Galaxy S6 G920R easy recovery. It will restore your device to factory default settings ( master reset or hard reset ). As long as you can access your device normally you can certainly do it yourself. It will perform a recovery from Settings menu. High recommended to backup important data before perform a reset your device. After perform a factory reset, the data can not be recovered.

Follow this steps to reset your Samsung Galaxy S6 G920R:

  1. Open Setting menu from Apps menu
  2. select Backup & Reset
  3. select Factory data reset.
  4. select Reset device.
  5. select Erase everything.
  6. Done!

Now your device has restore to Factory default setting. All the data include settings, user data and downloaded applications has erased. You can do it your self, you don’t need bring it to the services.

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