Sony Xperia E C1505

How to enter Sony Xperia E C1505 Recovery Mode, Hard reset (Wipe), Fastboot mode and Pattern Lock Recovery.

Recovery Mode Sony Xperia E C1505

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Press and hold Volume UP key and Power key
  3. Release all key when you see Android logo
  4. Press Camera key to enter Recovery Mode
  5. Use Volume keys to select Menu
  6. Use Power key to Confirm

If your Sony Xperia can not enter the Recovery Mode It may be your Boot Loader is locked.  You can see How to Unlock Sony Xperia Boot Loader

Fastboot Mode

  1. Turn off power off by pressing Power key
  2. Press and hold Volume Down key
  3. Connect the Xperia to USB Cable
  4. Done!

Hard reset Sony Xperia E C1505 using External hardware keys

  1. In Recovery Mode select wipe data / factory reset
  2. press Power key or Volume up key to confirm
  3. select Yes — delete all user data, press power key or volume up key to confirm
  4. select Reboot system now to finish hard reset

Hard reset Sony Xperia E C1505 from Settings menu:

  1. Open Settings menu from home screen or Apps
  2. Select Backup & reset option
  3. Tap to select Factory Data Reset
  4. tap Reset Phone.
  5. tap Erase Everything
  6. tap OK to confirm.

Alternative to hard reset Sony Xperia using Flashtool and using Sony PC Companion

Make sure to backup your important data! Performed a hard reset will erase all data and restore it to factory default setting. The data can not be recovered after perform a hard reset.

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