Root + Bypass SafetyNet Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC

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How to Root and Bypass SafetyNet on Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC. The phone must be installed TWRP Recovery, I used Stable TWRP 3.5.2.  Bypass SafetyNet used A universal fix for Google SafetyNet on Android devices with hardware attestation and unlocked bootloaders to make it simple and easy.  Use it at your own risk! Follow the instruction carefully and Make sure to backup all your important data!

Download and Unlock Bootloader

  1. The bootloader must be unlocked, If not watch this video
  2. Download TWRP: twrp-3.5.2_10-5-surya.img copy to adb folder to make it easy
  3. Download Magisk: or latest
  4. Download Universal SafetyNet fix:

Changelog TWRP 3.5.2

  • Fixed CPU temperature sensor.
  • Added support for encrypted firmware with OSS Vendor.
  • Fixed error during firmware installation “assert failed: update_dynamic_partitions”, “Updater process ended with ERROR: 1”.
  • Added support for MIUI firmware encryption on Android 11. (i.e. no need to apply AVB patch)
  • And other small tweaks and fixes.
  • Added Wrapkey flag ; -don’t flash DFE File for New OSS Based ROMs

Install TWRP instructions

  1. Make sure the bootloader unlocked
  2. Open CMD command, run as Administrator
  3. enter adb folder ( cd adb folder )
  4. Connect phone to computer and make sure the phone connected to computer by type “adb devices”
  5. type “adb reboot fastboot”
  6. type “fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.5.2_10-5-surya.img
  7. Press and Hold Volume Up + Power key, When POCO logo appears release Power key only, keep pressing Volume Up until TWRP Recovery appears.
  8. Install or latest ( to make TWRP permanent )
  9. Select Reboot – System
  10. Done

Root Instructions

  • Connect Phone to Internet
  • Install Magisk and Open it. Magisk will ask to do additional setups. Let it do its job and the app will automatically reboot your device.
  • Done

Bypass SafetyNet

  • Open Magisk
  • Install
  • Reboot from magisk
  • Open Settings
  • Enable MagiskHide option
  • Done

Watch this video!

How to Root and Bypass SafetyNet Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC
Watch this video on YouTube.

Enter TWRP Recovery

You can enter TWRP recovery with 2 methods: via adb command by type “adb reboot recovery” and by pressing keys combinations ( Turn power off, press and hold volume up + Power key, when POCO logo appears release power key, keep pressing volume until TWRP recovery appears )

Notes / Warning!

  1. Use at your own risk, I’m not responsible for bricking your device.
  2. Using the incorrect file may brick your device.
  3. Make sure to backup your important data before root it.

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