How to Install Xposed Framework on Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505G + Fix Bootloop

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How to Install Xposed Framework on Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505G ( Android 9 Pie ). Download these file below are needed to make it work. Your Samsung Galaxy A50 must be Rooted with Magisk, If not Read How to root Samsung Galaxy A50. It may be works for other variants SM-A505F, SM-A505FN, SM-A505GN, SM-A505G, SM-A505FM, SM-A505YN. This Xposed is only for Android 9 Pie. It is named EDXposed in which you can able to install as a magisk module. And you must install Riru Core before installing since it is based on this Riru core Module. Tested on Samsung Galaxy A50 with Android 9 Pie and Magisk v20.3 installed.

Download Xposed Framework for Android 9.0 Pie to make it works

  1. Riru Core Magisk Module Download ( magisk-riru-core ) or Direct install from Magisk Manager
  2. EDXposed Magisk Module Download ( magisk-EdXposed-SandHook ) or Direct install from Magisk Manager
  3. EDXposed Installer Download ( EdXposedInstaller.apk )

How to Install Xposed Framework for Android 9 Pie on Samsung Galaxy A50

  1. Rooted phone, if not read How to Root Samsung Galaxy A50
  2. Copy 3 files above to your phone on Download folder or you can direct install from Magisk Manager except EdXposedInstaller apk
  3. Open Magisk manager and head over to the modules section through the menu
  4. Click on + button and navigate to the Riru Core Zip file and Install magisk-riru-core Module. Recommended direct install from Download menu and search for Riru – Core to get latest update
  5. Select Reboot
  6. Next Install magisk-EdXposed-SandHook Module, Recommended direct install from Download menu to get latest update
  7. Reboot the phone via Magisk Reboot to activate the modules
  8. Install EdXposedInstaller.apk Apps
  9. Done!
  10. If you the phone Bootloop to fix it follow this instructions: Boot system without magisk then Clear Magisk data and cache from Settings – Apps. Then Boot system with magisk.

You can install other Magisk on your phone. This is not an open source project and official build, Use at your own risk, I’m not responsible for bricking your device. Watch video below for installing xposed framework

Watch this video

Install Xposed Framework with Magisk v20.3 on Samsung Galaxy A50 + How to Fix Bootloop


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