How to Make GCAM Work on Samsung Galaxy A50 Android 10 Q

GCAM ( Google Camera ) for Samsung Galaxy A50 Android 10 Q.  How to make GCam work on Samsung Galaxy A50 Android 10 Q.  You can download GCam for Galaxy A50 in the link below.  This GCam recognized 25MP of A50 Camera Resolution.  There are only 3 features that does not work, Portrait, Night Sight and Photo booth.  We must do some setup to make it works.

Worked Gcam for Galaxy A50
Worked Gcam for Galaxy A50 Android 10 Q

GCam Installation and Setup instructions on Samsung Galaxy A50:

  1.  Download worked GCAM apk for Galaxy A50  ( MGC_6.1.021_BSG_Arnova-TlnNeun_Urnyx05-v4.3.apk ) you can download it from your phone or computer.
  2. Install it on your Galaxy A50
  3. Run Gcam: First time run, Gcam apps will close automatically or close with error message.
  4. Close all apps, Tap and Hold Camera Icon for short time ( Don’t hold too long )
  5. Select Take a video
  6. Tap More, Select Settings
  8. Select Advanced in Quick settings
  9. Select Base
  10. Select Config: Default is Auto, To make Gcam work on A50, We can only select 2 options “Pixel2017 HW Zsl Hdr Intent ( need YUV )” or “Pixel2018 HW Zsl Hdr Intent ( need YUV )” other options does not work. Select one of its. Then Back.  Gcam camera should work now.
  11. Each time you make changes to Settings, Gcam must be restarted to apply the changes that were made

We can do more for advanced settings. I have tested some Gcam camera that worked on Galaxy A50, but This GCam camera is better than other. This GCam can recognized 25MP Galaxy A50 Camera.  Other GCam are only recognized 12MP Camera resolution.

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