How to Install GSI ROM on Samsung Galaxy A6

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Steps by steps install arm32 GSI ROM on Samsung Galaxy A6. Project_Treble AOSP 9.0 v119 by phhusson use system-arm32_binder64-aonly-gapps-su.img.xz is a full Treble Vendor/Kernel implementation for Galaxy A6. Make sure your Galaxy A6 installed TWRP Recovery, If not visit this link How to install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy A6 with Android 9 Pie. Next post How to install arm64bit GSI ROM on Samsung Galaxy A6 with 64bit Vendor.

Download these files and save it on External SD Card or Direct to Internal Storage:

  1. Download system-arm32_binder64-aonly-gapps-su.img.xz, you need to convert it to system-arm32_binder64-aonly-gapps-su.img
  2. Download Device ID.apk ( you need this file to fix “Google Play Services requires an action” error message and for registering it )
  3. Download or latest

Installing GSI ROM

  1. Enter TWRP Recovery ( How to Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy A6 )
  2. Format Dalvik, System, Data and Cache.
  3. Install the GSI ROM ( system-arm32_binder64-aonly-gapps-su.img ) and click on system image.
  4. Reboot to recovery.
  5. Install latest Magisk. (Not necessary)
  6. Reboot to system and do Initial setup, Done!

How to fix warnings “google play services requires an action” and notifications about your device not being certified:

  1. Installing Device ID.apk, Copy Google Service Framework (GSF)
  2. Paste GSF and Register it to
  3. Wait a few minutes and reboot. A few seconds after rebooting, you’ll be done and you’ll be able to normally log in.

Source: XDA-Developer Forum by @By DaanDH12, Recognized Developer.

Warning: you must understand what you will do and take it your own risk.

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